Understanding Packing and Handling

At Qubic System, we go to great lengths to ensure our innovative products reach our customers in perfect condition. This process requires not just precision and attention to detail during the production phase but also during packing and transportation. This short article aims to shed light on the “packing and handling”, helping our customers understand the value and effort involved in delivering our products at the highest standard.

Packing Process

After thorough testing, some of our products like the QS-S25 “Spider”, for example, are modularised and passed to the packaging stage. Here, our dedicated packaging team carries out a detailed inspection to ensure that each item is free from damage or scratches. They are then secured with stretch film and an extra layer of paper or cardboard, the first step in ensuring protection during transport.

The Importance of Packing Materials

The packing process involves using a significant amount of materials, such as pallets, wood, paper, film, and the valuable time of our employees. All these contribute to the cost that our customers see as “packing and handling.” While it may appear as just an additional fee, it is, in reality, an investment in securing and maintaining the quality of our products until they reach the customer.

International shipping and additional protective measures

For international shipments, in addition to the standard placement of the equipment on a pallet and protection with stech film, our equipment is packed in wooden crates. This method not only provides robust protection, but also protects the products from moisture by using moisture absorbers in the crates. This is essential to protect the electronics in our products during long journeys.

Choosing the Mode of Transport

Regardless of the transport method chosen – land, sea, or air – at Qubic System, we understand that courier companies may not always handle shipments gently. Anticipating various risks, we seek to provide the best possible protection for our products during transport.

Look inside

To offer a clearer perspective on what to expect when you receive our products, we invite you to watch a video on the Boosted Media channel. This video provides an insightful look into how our products are packaged and what our customers experience as they open their new Qubic System product: watch the video on YouTube.

At Qubic System, we are committed to delivering top-quality products. Understanding the packing and handling process and its associated costs allows our customers to appreciate the value and effort invested in every step to ensure their investment is protected at every turn. Thank you for trusting Qubic System as your partner in your passion for simulation and entertainment.





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