• Qubic System is not only a motion platforms, it’s also a wide range of sim accessories. The universal brackets for Qubic System actuators and 3rd party racing cockpits. The QS-Brackets have a hole spacing suited to the most popular simracing cockpits available on the market. Mounting brakets are available in the set (a pair) with set of screws.
  • QS-DD-20

    Qubic System is not only motion platforms, from now it is also a wide range of sim accessories. The QS-DD-20 is an extraordinary direct drive wheelbase intended to be used with Qubic System motion cockpits. QS-DD-20 includes all necessary sockets to connect Qubic System’s pedals, steering wheel controller, and the unique shifter which can be turned into a handbrake. This perfect direct drive base contains all necessary wiring and accessories needed for a fully immersive experience.


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